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SKI-DOO 1200 4-TEC Stage 1 Trail Turbo Kit

SKI-DOO 1200 4-TEC Stage 1 Trail Turbo Kit


This multiple award winning turbo kit is the best bolt-on performance modification that can be done to this sled, offering the most Horsepower per Dollar gain available in the aftermarket. With the achieved Power to Weight ratio, the 1200 becomes a ballistic snow missile! The tens of thousands of miles now accumulated on the trails and lakes since the 2008 riding season are true testaments to the trail-ability and pump gas reliability of this OEM like design. 

  • PRESET 4.5 PSI BOOST LEVEL FOR USE WITH PREMIUM PUMP GAS to maintain reliability of the stock engine on the trail. No internal engine disassembly or modifications are required.

  • 200 HP BASE INTO STOCK MUFFLER. 220 HP capable with use of an optional F.P.P. High Flow Stainless Steel Trail or Race Muffler.

  • GENUINE GARRETT GT2554 SERIES BALL BEARING TURBOCHARGER that was methodically selected during R&D for an optimal size providing efficiency with nearly instant boost response. Internally waste gated for a tight clean fitment and simplicity.

  • PROPERLY SIZED AND LOCATED INTERCOOLER. By mounting our intercooler perpendicular and centered to the air flow into the nose of the sled without obstruction, this maximizes the amount of cooling air passing through the core and results in more heat being removed from the charge air entering the engine compared to the competition. This is one of the largest contributors to providing increased pump gas reliability with a higher horsepower output.

An optional Radiator Relocation Kit is available for models with existing factory equipped radiators.

  • F.P.P.'S PROVEN FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that compliments the factory ECU programming for precise EFI control at all altitudes, temperatures, and boost levels with the stock fuel system. Simple and easy to use self contained design comes pre-programmed, requires no additional computer for initial setup. The settings we provide require no additional tuning or modifications after installation.

  • ENGINEERED TO UTILIZE THE STOCK MUFFLER which results in QUIETER THAN STOCK db level exhaust sound for all day trail use.


  • BLOW-OFF VALVE that is properly sized and strategically located to provide efficiency and improved ON-OFF then BACK-ON AGAIN throttle response.

  • ELECTRONIC OIL SCAVENGE PUMP to positively return oil from the turbocharger back to the engine, instead of a gravity drain like the competition. We elected to ensure 100% of the time that no oil is lost through the turbo seals, and into the charge tubes or exhaust causing smoking, due to oil return backup that can be induced by operating the sled at extreme angles, especially riding down hill. Comes pre-wired and with all the required mounting hardware.

  • COMPLIMENTARY BOOST GAUGE. Comes standard in kit pre-wired with mounting pod and all required hardware. We feel this is not an option, as this allows the customer to verify the kit is operating safely within the design intended boost level after installation.

  • ONE OF THE EASIEST AND QUICKEST INSTALLATIONS ON THE MARKET utilizing factory holes and mounting locations to produce a very clean OEM fit and finish. Includes a full color, easy to follow instructions.

  • $3999.00

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Here is Full Power Performance & CJ Motorsports' 2009 MX Z RENEGADE X 1200 FPP Trail Turbo making a crowd shocking pass at the 2008 American Snowmobiler Magazine / DynoTech Research Adirondack Aftermarket Trail Mod Shootout in the Mountain Motor Class. This machine proceeded to win both the "HOLESHOT" award for the quickest E.T. and the prestigious "QUIET GIANT" award for the best performance with the lowest db sound class, as well. This was the start of it all...


For a complete inventory of our Ski-Doo product line and services, please visit our master distributor and performance partner, CJ Motorsports. http://www.cjmotorsportsonline.com

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