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Yamaha 03-05 RX1, RX Warrior, and RX1 Mountain Stage 2 Trail Turbo

Yamaha 03-05 RX1, RX Warrior, & RX1 Mountain Stage 2 Trail Turbo

This kit is a newly revised version of the original rear mount turbo system that was the most popular RX1 turbo kit ever sold. We have been able to make all the necessary upgrades that were needed to that original design to maximize the full potential of the turbo kit.

The hundreds of thousands of miles now accumulated on the trails and lakes since the 2002 riding season, on the literally hundreds of these kits sold, are true testaments to the trail-ability and reliability of the tried and true design. We have customers putting over 3000 miles a year on this true gas-and-go kit without as much as even replacing a belt. Some approaching 20K+ miles on their rear mounted turbo RX1s!

This kit is NOT recommended for the novice snowmobiler due to the sheer acceleration and vision blurring speed that can be achieved.

  • PRESET 6 PSI (190 HP) BOOST LEVEL FOR USE WITH PREMIUM PUMP GAS to maintain reliability of the stock engine on the trail.
    No internal engine disassembly or modifications are required.

This is the maximum recommended boost level of this kit on premium pump gas on stock engine. Boost levels beyond this, capable of190 to 250 HP, will require upgrading the use of higher octane rated fuel with the stock engine.

Note: This kit is also 260 HP premium pump gas capable when our optional custom designed turbo pistons are installed to lower the compression ratio.

We DO NOT recommend use of a head shim, or stacked head gaskets, to lower compression ratios in order to allow operating at higher boost / HP levels with lower octane fuel. In our experience, this compromises the desired trail sled characteristics, such as throttle response, fuel economy, and the overall engine efficiency that was extensively developed by the OEM.Therefore, we feel that the best way to accomplish lowering the compression ratio is to do it right the first time and install properly designed turbo pistons.

  • GENUINE GARRETT GT2554 SERIES BALL BEARING TURBOCHARGER that was methodically selected during R&D for an optimal size providing efficiency with nearly instant boost response. Internally waste gated for a tight clean fitment and simplicity. Optional stages available with larger turbocharger models and components for any craved HP and boost level.

  • BOLT-ON REAR MOUNT DESIGN. With the combination of select components, proper design, and tuning we use, the myth of a rear mount turbo having too much “lag” is dispelled. By intentionally mounting the hot turbo and components in the stock muffler location at the rear, we accomplish a few things…

First: All the hot components remain where Yamaha intended them to go and underneath properly designed heat shields. Unlike our competition, this eliminates additional heat under the hood and, most importantly, tremendous heat next to the plastic gas tank that causes unstable fuel temperatures and inconsistent performance on the trail or lake.

Second: The stock gas tank is maintained without cutting or modifications, keeping the OEM capacity for longer ranges between fuel stops.

Third: We maintain the use of the efficiently flowing and light weight factory 4-2 exhaust headers, which were extensively developed and designed by Yamaha to work in unison with their selected cam timing and overall air flow characteristics of this Genesis engine to produce the smooth power band and performance dynamics that it’s notorious for. Also accommodates the thermal expansion of the whole exhaust system to prevent cracking and breaking under use, of which most front mount header designs are plagued with.


  • DUAL INTERCOOLED TECHNOLOGY. Our unique rear mounted turbo kit design utilizes two sources to effectively intercool the boost charge air, which removes more heat from the charge air entering the engine. To start with we use an aluminum finned boost charge tube mounted in the best place possible to extract as much heat as possible, in the tunnel… This snow intercooler, by using snow & water to aluminum, has a thermal transfer coefficient that is 14 times more effective than just air to aluminum alone. We’ve proven that using snow & water spray from the track is the most effective way to gain the best charge cooling possible on this machine.

  • To compliment the snow intercooler in the tunnel we finished with a properly sized conventional air-to-air intercooler integrated into the air box at the carburetors to further dissipate any remaining heat that might still be left over in the intake charge. In our testing on the trail, this proven combination results in charge air temperature entering the carburetors that’s within a few degrees of the ambient outside air. This is one of the largest contributors to providing increased reliability with a higher horsepower output at lower boost levels than the competition using only a single front mounted conventional air to air intercooler under the hood with little airflow. We also use a set of turn buckles to secure the air box to the frame cross member as added insurance from blowing off the carburetors under any big boost levels.

  • FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with an electric fuel pump and a rising rate regulator to provide stable carburetor float bowl fuel pressure as boost pressure rises. Utilizes a Pitot tube design that meters boost pressure to the carburetor float bowl vents to control air fuel ratios while maintaining the use of the stock needles and jets. Provides easy access for quick AFR tuning for all altitudes, temperatures, and boost levels without carburetor removal or disassembly.

  • F.P.P’S DUAL OUTLET STAINLESS STEEL HIGH FLOW TRAIL MUFFLER built specifically for our rear mount design locating across the back under the stock heat shroud and exiting both stock cone outlet locations. This is a true low restriction performance muffler with a sweet throaty spine tingling tone producing only a slightly louder then stock db sound level, meaning it’s hidden and won’t attract attention nor numb your ear drums. Comes with a pre-installed O2 sensor boss and plug-off.


  • BLOW OFF VALVE that is properly sized and strategically located to provide efficiency and improved ON-OFF then BACK-ON AGAIN throttle response. Optional upgrade to dual BOV’s providing more flow for higher HP and boost level capabilities. ELECTRONIC OIL SCAVENGE PUMP mounted in the nose to positively return oil from the turbocharger back to the oil tank, ensuring that no oil is lost through the turbo seals, and into the charge tube or exhaust housing causing smoking, due to oil return backup. Comes pre-wired and with all the required hardware.

  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL AND ALUMINUM used for the components to provide a long trouble free life. All fabrication and assembly is performed in-house.

  • COMPLIMENTARY BOOST GAUGE. Comes standard in kit pre-wired with mounting pod and all required hardware. We feel this is not an option, as this allows the customer to verify the kit is operating safely within the design intended boost levels after installation.

  • COMPLETE COMPREHENSIVE KIT comes with everything needed to run the sled at its full potential, including a trail clutch kit and top sprocket. Complete easy to follow installation instructions and templates. Utilizes almost all factory holes and mounting locations to produce a very stealthy and clean OEM fit and finish.

  • $4499.00

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